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Ancient Insect Camouflage Behaviour

by Carl Jackson April 30, 2018

Insects have evolved over the years and that includes their camouflage. In fact insects have evolved diverse types of camouflage that have played a crucial role in their evolutionary success, scientists claim.

Scientists say debris-carrying, the behaviour by which insects harvest and carry exogenous materials is amazing and complex but has been difficult to monitor because fossil records of this behaviour is scarce.

Chinese scientists have reported a diverse insect assemblage of preserved debris carriers from Cretaceous Burmese, French, and Lebanese ambers, including the earliest known chrysopoid larvae (green lacewings), myrmeleontoid larvae (split-footed lacewings and owlflies), and reduviids (assassin bugs). The researchers  published their study on Science Advances, Friday, 24 June 2016.

These fossils are the oldest direct evidence of camouflage behavior utilizing trash in the fossil record and show camouflage in immature lacewings and reduviids dating back more than 100 million years.



Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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