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Avoiding the Biggest Home Decor Mistakes

by Carl Jackson May 01, 2018 there are certain home decor mistakes that people keep making over and over.  Here are some of the mistakes we should avoid,

  1. Painting without doing a colour test first. Then it looks completely different on the wall and you hate it.
  2. Buying a shag rug. These ruugs shed and you may end up having to spend all day vacuuming.
  3. Installing marble countertops. They are high maintenance and expensive. Also there are some more durable, affordable options like quartz.
  4. Buying an aggresively coloured sofa. You may get tired of it and its harder to get rid of than some cushions and other accents.
  5. Making rushed decorating decisions.
  6. Putting off basic renovations until after you move in. This is going to cause alot of inconvenience.
  7. Buying cheap furniture with the intention of reupholstering to save money. This could end up costing more.
  8. White carpets. No amount of upkeep will keep them the original white colour.


Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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