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Common Mistakes People Make when Purchasing Window Coverings

by Carl Jackson April 29, 2018


An interesting post on highlighted the importance of purchasing the right window coverings for your home, after all it is an investment you’ll have to live with every day. While the right choices will add value to your home and address a number of issues, the wrong ones can be a costly mistake.

An expert details the main mistakes people make when purchasing window coverings,

  1.  Going for the cheapest
  2. Ignoring window size
  3. Expecting all coverings to provide the same benefits eg. 100 per cent blackout
  4. D-I-Y installations
  5. Not taking the era of the home into consideration

Another mistake is not choosing the right flyscreen for your windows and doors. For the right screens for your style and needs check out

Read the rest of the mistakes at

Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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