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Don’t Spray Spiders This Summer

by admin March 19, 2018


Ever wondered why there are so many spiders around despite you calling in the fumigators?

Well that’s because if you can’t see a spider, you probably can’t kill it. So those spiders living in burrows and out of sight are probably not going be killed in the fumigation process.

In fact according to Macquarie University post-doctoral researcher Lizzie Lowe spraying your garden with broad spectrum insecticide only destroys the ecosystem and permits the “hardiest” of insects to flourish with unlimited resources, and the irony is that these are the insects you’re probably trying to get rid of.

Lowe explains that cockroaches and spiders are usually the first to return after fumigation.

It’s also important to consider that spiders actually help control other insect populations in the garden, so getting rid of them completely is not a good idea. In fact they eat flies, moths, flying insects and caterpillars that would eat your plants.

A more eco-friendly way of keeping spiders at bay would be installing insect screens over your doors and windows to ensure spiders stay out of your home and in the garden where they belong.

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