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How LG is Aiding in The Fight Against Malaria

by Carl Jackson April 30, 2018

Mosquitoes are becoming more of a risk to human health every year. The latest threat being carried by mosquitoes is Zika, but malaria, dengue fever and other viruses already claim so many lives.

There are many new developments being made in the fight against virus carrying mosquitoes but one of the most interesting is being offered to consumers in India, the LG Mosquito Away line of tvs.

The company announced recently  that it was releasing the range of televisions that use sound waves to keep away mosquitoes. How effective the televisions will be is yet to be seen.

If you don’t live in India, you won’t be able to buy the televisions just yet, so you’d better make sure your doors and windows are covered with screens in the mean time.


Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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