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Identifying Insects by Their Mouths

by admin April 15, 2018

Entomologists say the most distinguishing feature of insects is their mouth, with the mouthparts of various insects telling us alot about them including what they eat and how they evolve.

Experts have categorized insect mouths as follows,

  1.  The chewing mouthpart – The most common of mouthparts among insects is seen on ants and grasshoppers. It allows them to grind up plants and prey using large serrated mandibles.
  2. Pierce-sucking mouthpart – used by bedbugs and mosquitoes to suck blood.
  3. The siphoning mouthpart – found on butterflies, a curly straw-like structure to extract pollen.
  4. The sponging mouthpart helps insects like flies sop up liquids.
  5. The chewing mouthpart – like the type found in bees helps them to build their hives and eat.




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