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Snakes Kill More People at Home, So Protect Your Home

by admin November 30, 2017

A shocking report revealed Australians are more likely to be attacked by a snake in a suburb than in the bush!

According to The Australian Snakebite Project, commissioned by the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service, people need to remain cautious because statistics reveal that most people are actually bitten around the home.

Half of all the snake bites last year happened in a residential area.

The 2 scenarios that held the most risk of snake bites are gardening and people trying to catch a snake, perhaps around the home.

As we head into summer this is likely going to be a growing problem for some people, so let’s remain vigilant.

Also make sure your openings are covered with insect screens, this is a safe and natural way to keep snakes and other critters out of your space while maintaining a cool breeze and natural airflow.  See more at



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