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Sydney Nutritionist Encourages Insect Eating

by Carl Jackson April 30, 2018

A Sydney nutitionist is so confident about the benefits of eating crickets, that she has developed a high protein bar containing the little insects.

Although billions around the globe already consume insects, Australians haven’t taken to the idea as quickly, but according to experts that’s about to change.

Experts in the restaurant industry including chef Luke Nguyen have predicted that bug trend will be popular amongst Sydney eaters this year and now Camilla Ryals, a Sydney nutritionist is echoing the sentiment.

The insects are high in nutrients and protein, and are extremely easy to farm as compared to larger animals which is why their popularity as food has grown around the world. Ryals is now using crickets in a low calorie, high nutrient bar aimed at fitness fanatics and the general public.


Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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