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Tips to Renovating a Rental Space

by admin January 04, 2018


Decorating a rental space isn’t always easy especially when you’re trying to make it feel like home. There are a lot of things you cannot do if you want to get your security deposit back. Here are some things you can do,

1. Bring in plants. This is an affordable way to add character to your space.

2. Focus on your window treatments, they make a huge impact on a room and this is something you can do fairly easily.

3.Update your lighting with fixtures and lamps. Lighting can really help set the mood of a room.

4. Paint the walls a color that you love.

5. Add shelving and cupboards because you can’t put custom cupboards in your rental home.

6. Hang art work on the walls to warm up the space and add interest.

7. Introduce textiles. Different fabrics and textures will add depth to the space and make it feel comfy.




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