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What Home Improvement Project to Do This Season

by admin April 17, 2018


A recent article on the Washington Post website provided valuable insight to homeowners about the importance of timing when it comes to home improvement.

Often we think budget is the only thing to consider but we also need to plan when the project will happen, for convenience and affordability.

The weather plays a big part in choosing the right season to start our projects, for example spring is good for dealing with fences, decks and other things that you may want to enjoy over the summer.

Summer is a good time to tackle indoor home improvement projects, especially the D-I-Y kind because nobody wants to be outside working in the sweltering heat.

Autumn is a good time to prep for winter, repairing any loose roof tiles, addressing drafty areas etc.

Winter is also a good time to do indoor projects because of the weather especially in a colder climate.




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