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Best Areas for in Your Home to Remodel in 2017

by admin December 07, 2016

IMG_9413Whether you’re buying a new home that’s a fixer-upper in need of some TLC or tired of your home’s outdated design, remodeling is something that tends to soar at the beginning of the year.

With many homeowners’ new year’s resolutions relating to home improvement, there are certain projects that should be tackled and some that we should leave to the professionals.

For example, a minor kitchen remodel would earn back an estimated 83% of what you spend at resale, according to a Remodeling magazine analysis, compared with just 65% for a major reno.

One addition that’s a no-brainer is having your doors and windows covered with insect screens to keep the bugs out. In Australia, our climate and insect population demands that our homes are protected and this is an affordable, yet practical way you can add value to your home.

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