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Bowen Queensland Residents Urged To Spray For Pests

by Carl Jackson April 29, 2018


A Queensland town is being sprayed after one resident in an area where the Aedes aegypti mosquito (zika carrying mosquito) is found returned from Tonga with the disease.

The Zika virus is similar to Dengue and has made the news recently after being classified as a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Although the virus causes milder symptoms that Dengue virus, it has been linked to birth defects.

Authorities have encouraged residents to spray to get rid of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the area.

 So far there have been 20 imported cases recorded Australia-wide, including six in New South Wales, one in Victoria and one in Western Australia.

As an extra precaution, residents should ensure they keep their doors and windows covered with insect screens.


Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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