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Bugs Hiding in Your Home

by Carl Jackson May 02, 2018

If you ever needed more of a reason to have your doors and windows covered with flyscreens, scientists from North Carolina have released a study proving that there could be up to 500 species of arthropods (insects, mites, spiders and centipedes) making their home in your home.

Researchers found alot more biodiversity in homes than most people would think, after reviewing 50 homes.

In homes belonging to 304 families, they found 579 different species and in every room, in every home, there were some sort of tiny intruders.

They also found that while some buildings were more bug proof than others, there are no homes without any insects.

At least having your screens covering your doors and windows will help reduce the number of insects squatting in your home.



Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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