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How to Translate Summer Fashion Trends into Decor

by admin December 21, 2016

There are a number of trends we’ve seen on the runway this season and you may be wondering which of these trends can translate into home decor. Here are some tips to take from current fashion trends for your home decor,

  1. Embroidery – Embroidery has been seen on runways for Gucci and several other designers, and it can easily be translated for your home, think cushions, chairs and even sofas.
  2. Think Pink – Pink isn’t just confined to your wardrobe. Give pink an edgy twist to update it.
  3. Wild Monochrome – Whether its on a jersey or sofa, monochromatic patterns are chic and stylish.
  4. Retro – We’re seeing this trend for everything from sunglasses to swimsuits. Introduce a retro chair or print to make your home look “groovy”.

Also make sure your home is fitted with insect screens to keep insects out while you truly enjoy summer!

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