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Insects Aren’t Always The Enemy

by admin December 01, 2016

tetramesa-romanaAlthough insects are annoying, especially when they invade our homes, they do have a number of purposes and scientists are making use of insects in new and innovative ways to improve our lives.

I recently read one article about how scientists are using tiny insects to control an invasive weed.

In Rio Grande Texas, scientists used arundo gall wasps (Tetramesa romana) and arundo scale insects (Rhizaspidiotus donacis) to control the spread of a weed known as “carrizo cane” and “Spanish reed”. The weed is known to clog streams and other irrigation channels and inhibit natural vegetation, affecting wildlife and flood control. Source:

So insects do have their purpose but they also have their place, and that’s not in our homes. The most effective way of keeping insects out of your home naturally, is by having your windows and doors covered with insect screens.

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