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Spending Time Outdoors? Read This First

by admin April 18, 2017

Before planning those outdoor picnics and barbeques, make sure you know what to do and not to do to avoid being swarmed by bugs.

To minimise the impact of bugs on you and your family make sure your doors and windows and covered with a good insect screen. For when you’re outdoors, a bit more planning and care is needed.

  • Make sure to cover as much of your body as possible and always wear insect repellent.
  • Avoid wearing dark colours, particularly blue which attracts mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Try not to wear scented soaps, lotions and shampoos as they attract bees and other insects.
  • Avoid pools of stagnant water.
  • Take extra precautions for kids as they are more vulnerable.
  • Check for bites, particularly tick bites and address them immediately.
  • Don’t scratch or you could spread disease.

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