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The ACT may Declare Feral Cats Pests

by Carl Jackson April 29, 2018

Wild or feral cats which are apparently threatening biodiversity in Canberra could be declared pests.

The cats are wild/feral because they are not owned by people and some have never had contact with people.

Amendments to the legislation woul allow the state government to develop a pest animal management plan which may include euthanasia of these wild animals.

Canberra has apparently become overrun by wild cats and sadly these measures may be resorted to by the government to protect biodiversity in the area.

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Also remember that while it’s unlikely that wild cats would come near humans, they will look for food in new places including your home if your doors and windows are open and unattended. Insect screens will help keep them out even when your back is turned.

Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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