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Victoria’s Secret Perfume an Excellent Insect Repellent

by Carl Jackson May 02, 2018

Bombshell, a fragrance from Victoria’s Secret has proven to be an effective insect repellent.

A team of researchers from New Mexico State University conducted a test to establish the ability to ward of mosquitoes.

Researchers tested insect repellents, fragrances and a patch and they found that when used in high concentrations, the perfume had the ability to prevent the approach of insects.

A professor from the university said that one of the test subjects had gotten the perfume as a birthday present, so it was a random pick for the test. The smell of the perfume is sweet and flowery so the result was particularly surprising.


If Bombshell is not your thing, make sure you have your Intelliscreens in place to keep mosquitoes away.

Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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