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Tips For Starting Your Home Garden

by admin December 31, 2016

If one of your New Year’s plans is to start a indoor garden, here are a few tips to help. Seeds cost less than plants so grow them from scratch and you’ll save. Make, buy or reuse containers. Recycling your old yogurt containers work well. Choose a convenient spot on your home to set up […]

Easy Japanese Hanging Garden in Minutes

by Carl Jackson October 11, 2016

These cute little Japanese hanging gardens, also known as Kokedama will add that whimsical feel to any home, while bringing the outside in. They’re awesome for Spring, so let’s see how they are made. Get the following: Bonsai soil Peat moss Water Small plant Sheet moss (preserved or living) String Mix half bonsai soil and […]

Money Saving Household Tips

by admin August 09, 2016

Something we’re always trying to acheive is a cleaner, neater and more efficient home but with our hectic schedules, juggling family, work and hobbies, this can be a challenge. Saving money while making your home more efficient doesn’t need to be difficult. There are simple and affordable ways to do this. Let’s watch this video […]

Surprising Item That is The Best Tool for House Cleaning

by Carl Jackson July 22, 2016

Toothbrushes are good for more than just fighting plaque, in fact some say they are best cleaning tool for a number of hard to clean places such as tile grout and toasters. Faucets are another hard to clean spot that gets quite dirty and germy. Toothbrushes are great for cleaning faucets, just soak the toothbrush […]

Why You Should Consider Retractable Screen Doors for Your Home

by admin July 05, 2016

Sliding doors have a unique appeal, able to maximise the use of available space with just a simple act of sliding it open or close. The doors are perfect especially when you have a beautiful backyard or front garden, or for beach houses to let the view of the ocean in. One downside though when […]

Science Explains Why Mosquitoes Transmit Zika but not The Flu

by admin June 06, 2016

Here’s a helpful video, especially to explain to kids to why mosquitoes spread Zika virus but not the flu. So if this is something you’ve also wondered about, find your answer here.

The Insect Repellent Test

by admin May 31, 2016

When purchasing insect repellent, how do you choose? With all the options on the market, it can be difficult to make the choice. Perhaps this video can help. In it, Americans test a number of insect repellents to see which best keeps the mosquitoes away. Let’s watch and see what happens.  

The Many Choices for Screen Doors: Retractable, Fly Screen and More

by admin March 19, 2016

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home from insects and dust, screen doors are the perfect choice, providing the protection needed without obstructing the view to the outside. There are plenty of options on the market, with subtle differences which you’ll want to be aware of before choosing the right screen for […]

Retractable Screen Doors are Your Home’s Protection from Pesky Insects

by admin January 27, 2016

Fans of barbecues aren’t the only ones coming outside as the weather heats up. As numerous media outlets have been warning, temperatures around Australia are soaring, having last year experienced our highest temperatures in October on record. While the warm weather means we can finally go outdoors and start enjoying the sunshine, many parts of the […]