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Easy Japanese Hanging Garden in Minutes

by Carl Jackson October 11, 2016

These cute little Japanese hanging gardens, also known as Kokedama will add that whimsical feel to any home, while bringing the outside in. They’re awesome for Spring, so let’s see how they are made.

Get the following:

  • Bonsai soil
  • Peat moss
  • Water
  • Small plant
  • Sheet moss (preserved or living)
  • String
  1. Mix half bonsai soil and half peat moss. Add in some water until the entire mixture is damp.
  2. Use the soil mixture to form a ball around the plant roots.
  3. Wrap the roots with sheet moss.
  4. Tie with a string.
  5. Attach a loop of string to hang and voila- you have your own hanging miniature garden.

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Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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