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Retractable Screen Doors are Your Home’s Protection from Pesky Insects

by admin January 27, 2016

Fans of barbecues aren’t the only ones coming outside as the weather heats up. As numerous media outlets have been warning, temperatures around Australia are soaring, having last year experienced our highest temperatures in October on record.


While the warm weather means we can finally go outdoors and start enjoying the sunshine, many parts of the country are experiencing sweltering temperatures linked to El Nino.

Climatic conditions are to blame for the “early” summer we’ve experienced this year and while we may have welcomed it, the pesky insects that accompany this weather are not so welcome.

Agata Imielska, senior climatologist with the Bureau of Meteorology, in a post on says that the high temperatures experienced in October aren’t abnormal but the prolonged high temperatures in the mid-30s are unusual, and we can only expect things to get worse. Ms Imielska explained that during an El Nino event the number of heatwaves increase, “We are likely to see this season, with an El Nino event underway, more of these conditions,” she said. “This weather system forecast for this weekend, we would probably call a warm spell. “Heatwaves we generally reserved for more extreme temperatures.”

Earlier in the year, weather experts warned that this year’s El Nino would be greater than any experienced before and although it is expected to bring torrential rainfall in the northern hemisphere, it normally brings intense periods of drought in the southern. The lack of rainfall also adds to the heat because the cooling effect brought by rainfall is absent.

She went on to explain about the effects of El Nino on Australia, “El Nino is our biggest climate driver especially for eastern Australia but it isn’t the only one,’ she said. “We have had some other events in 1997/98. It was the strongest El Nino event on record and it didn’t have as much of a profound impact as rainfall as the 1982 El Nino.

“But basically we have an elevated risk of drought and although historically not every El Nino has resulted in drought.”

With longer and hotter summers we can also expect more insects invading our homes. Here in Australia flies and mosquitoes are particularly annoying and with no end to the El Nino effect in sight, it’s probably going to get worse, unless we protect homes and our families by installing retractable screen doors.

Insect screens have become more essential given Australia’s high insect populations and rising temperatures.

Why does an increase in the temperature result in more insects like mosquitoes and ticks?

Well with the heat and drought resourceful insects are going where they must to adapt to a food supply that is now more limited than in previous years.

A lack of a water supply may also cause insects like mosquitoes to invade your home looking for a source of water. Another reason is because the seasons are happening earlier than usual. For example the early spring causes ticks, mosquitoes etc. to come out of their dormant stage early and begin reproduction early, resulting in a higher population of these insects.

It’s obvious the high temperatures and drought are going to continue and are likely to worsen. It’s important to ensure your home is prepared and secured with quality fly screens for French doors, available from companies like IntelliScreens.


Australia’s south east will experience a four-day warm spell,, October 2, 2015



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