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Why You Should Consider Retractable Screen Doors for Your Home

by admin July 05, 2016

Sliding doors have a unique appeal, able to maximise the use of available space with just a simple act of sliding it open or close. The doors are perfect especially when you have a beautiful backyard or front garden, or for beach houses to let the view of the ocean in.

One downside though when using sliding doors is that sometimes you have to keep them open and it can be frustrating when insects make their way into the house or the furniture accumulates dust. Fortunately, it is still possible to enjoy that beautiful landscape view without worrying about all this by installing retractable screen doors.

retractable screen doors

No Limitations

Why not use the traditional fixed sliding screen? The thing about a retractable screen is that it stays retracted in its housing until it’s needed. Typically, a regular screen opens halfway and that puts some limitations on space that could have otherwise been maximised. If you have a retractable screen, you just have to pull it across and the screen mesh doesn’t interfere with the view.

Décor Friendly

Available retractable sliding screen doors from Brisbane companies like IntelliScreens are very discreet. Imagine having designer décor and the furniture to boot and then adding an ugly fixed screen door that ruins it all. You don’t have to worry about such inconveniences with a retractable screen. It is also why they are called disappearing screens. Also, they are present in different colours and finishes.

Find out the installation options available when buying the retractable screen to know which ones will fit into your home décor. The mesh has options available, too. If you live in a windy region, we recommend you pick a mesh that can withstand it.


The option of customised retractable sliding screen doors is another motivation to install them in your home. It won’t matter if it’s a beach house, condo, apartment, or a townhouse; you can get screens to match the sliding doors. The type of opening will dictate the screen choice. A homeowner can also get a special fabric to use with the mesh. For example, a solar control fabric will enhance the heat regulation properties. It is always better to leave the installation to experts. Retractable screens meet building codes but it helps to be safe. A professional will find out if there are any restrictions when installing retractable screens for sliding doors.

Find professionals to help you select and install sliding screen doors Brisbane. Give your sliding door more functionality and blend in the outdoors and indoors seamlessly.


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