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Zika Not a Concern for Rio Olympics, Mayor Confirms

by Carl Jackson April 30, 2018

There has understandably been alot of concerns raised about the Olympics being held in Rio following the spread of the Zika virus around Brazil.

There have been calls for the Olympics to be cancelled or postponed for public health and safety but the mayor of Rio says it will be say to host international visitors in August.

The mayor dismissed calls by a leading Canadian health professor to postpone or call of the Olympics. The professor said going ahead with the games would be irresponsible given the Zika outbreak in the country.

In Australia there has been reports of Zika as well although not nearly as widespread as in Brazil. It is still a good idea though to stay protected. Don’t allow standing water  in your yard and when outdoors, utilise a good mosquito repellent.  Also make sure your home is protected with insect screens on the doors and windows.



Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson


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