French Door Screens

French Door Screens


French Door Screens For Your Home

French doors are a popular and attractive architectural feature – one that allows natural light and fresh air into a home. They come with a bit of a challenge though – keeping insects out while preserving views. That’s where high-quality pleated retractable French door screens come to the rescue.

Our pleated screens are retractable fly screens that are custom-made for your home’s French doors.

They are designed to fit perfectly and slide effortlessly. They provide protection and privacy while discretely blending in with your doors frame so it doesn’t look like an add-on.

The Importance of French Door Fly Screens

French doors create an open and spacious atmosphere. They also help connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests can easily fly through open doors.

Pleated retractable french door screens allow you to enjoy fresh air while keeping insects out. These screens also provide uninterrupted views.

Intelliscreens’ pleated retractable screens offer an elegant soft furnishing to your french doors.

Intelliscreens - Australia's Leading Provider of Pleated Retractable Screens For French Doors

Intelliscreens is a trusted Australian owned and operated manufacturerwith well over a decade of experience.

We at Intelliscreens have designed and engineered all our screens here on the Gold Coast and export them around the world.

Our Aluminium is extruded here in Australia & all our plastics are made here on the Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland.

Our screens are designed for French doors, as welll as Bi-Fold, Stackers and any other small or large openings.

Our screens are engineered and rigorously tested to the highest standards right here in Australia. We use only quality materials and components. This ensures durability, resilience, and long-lasting performance giving you, as the buyer, an affordable option to avoid the cheap and nasty imported offerings, many of our competitors want you to buy!

We want to make it easy for you to find the perfectly simple, smooth, easy-to-operate pleated retractable screens for your home . Below you can learn how our innovative screens can transform the living spaces inside and outside of your French doors.

French Door Screens: Types and Features

Intelliscreens offers retractable fly screens designed specifically for French doors.

We offer several options to suit your doors configuration:

  • Face fit screens – The screen fits flush against the door frame providing a seamless look when the screen is retracted.
  • Reveal fit screens – These screens’ housing tucks into the reveal of the door frame for a hidden, discreet appearance.

Our screens come in a wide selection of Dulux colours  – this allows you to match your existing doors and architraves so you won’t even notice you have screens until they are in use.

We use high-quality Australian materials for it’s durability and resilience. For extra large openings, we even provide retractable screens that can cover spans up to 5 metres wide in a single unit (up to 10 metres with double screens). Our professional engineering makes it easy to screen even the largest French door openings.

All our pleated retractable fly screens are:

  • Designed, manufactured and installed here in Australia by Australian-owned company, and rigorously tested to withstand our Australian conditions.
  • Effortless to operate – Smooth gliding mechanisms make them easy to open and close because there are no moving parts except for the wheels – when you remove your hand the screen will stop.
  • Slimline and elegant – Unobtrusive, stylish designs blend elegantly into your home.

Customisable – Available in different colours and made-to-measure to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Intelliscreens Retractable Fly Screens

Intelliscreens pleated retractable screens provide several advantages over traditional standard retractable screens for French doors and other openings:

  • Effortless sliding mechanism – Our screens glide smoothly as they don’t rely on cumbersome springs so you are able to open it from anywhere along the handle whether you are a little one or tall it will open straight everytime

    Because pleated screens don’t rely on springs we are able to have a mesh that is more transparent to see through.

    Another benefit of pleated screens is we want to enjoy the breezes which will pass through the mesh whereas with flat mesh it tends to just slide off.

  • Slim and elegant design – We put in extensive efforto make sure our screens fit into very small confines, such as between the doors & blinds or curtains – so you get an unobtrusive installation and aesthetic.

    Our screens only require 32mm of space to fit snugly behind your curtains or blinds, there is no bulky canister up one end no matter how wide the opening is.

  • 5-year limited warranty – Our screens are made to last – they come with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.
  • High-quality components – We use only high-quality local materials for durability and performance. We also offer a honeycomb dim-out or block-out fabric which can be incorporated into the same track if your doors permit, so you can have insect one way & block-out going the other way. These screens are called “Duo Screens”
  • Cost-effective solution – These screens offer the best in protection and privacy for you at an affordable price.
  • Innovative design for large openings – We offer custom-made screens for large spans of up to 5 metres wide (single screen) and up to 10 metres span (double screen).
  • Versatility – Our screens offer you a wide range of benefits, including insect protection, solar shading (with our aluminium inner lining heat shield), or our privacy control dim-out (which lets the suns rays in but defuses it evenly around the room giving it a bright feeling rather than a harsh feeling).
  • Excellent customer service – Our team provides professional support from purchase through to installation.
With Intelliscreens retractable fly screens, you’ll be able to enjoy your French doors – without sacrificing comfort or protection. Our screens provide an elegant and effective solution for Australian homes.

Fly Screens in Different Regions

Fly Screens in Australia

Fly screens are ubiquitous in Australian homes to keep out insects while allowing fresh air. Different types like retractable, fixed, and pleated screens suit the hot and humid climate.

Quality fly screening provides ventilation, prevents pests, and facilitates indoor-outdoor living protected from insects.

Retractable Fly Screens For Brisbane and SE QLD

In subtropical regions like Brisbane, retractable fly screens help residents enjoy the outdoors. These screens cover large openings and can retract when not needed. Their versatility allows full uninterupted views.

Regional Differences

All across Australia, homeowners select retractable fly screens suited for local conditions. Hot northern areas may prioritise maximum insect protection while southerners may prefer screens that don’t obstruct views.

Our professional installation guarantees fly screens are tailored and fitted correctly for your home’s unique needs. With our screens, you can enjoy the Australian lifestyle pest-free.

Premium and Pleated Fly Screens

Premium Fly Screens For French Doors

For added durability and style, premium fly screens are a popular option.

Features of premium retractable screens include:

  • Sturdier aluminium – Our Australian aluminium is extruded at 1.6mm thick which is nearly twice the thickness of imported screens making our product very durable and smooth running
  • Smoother gliding mechanisms. With no moving parts other than the wheel
  • Custom colours – We use Dulux Powdercoat colours range.
  • Low-maintenance materials and coatings.

With their enhanced construction, our premium pleated retractable fly screens provide enhanced performance and protection for your home.

What Are Pleated Retractable Screens?

Pleated retractable screens offer a unique, accordion-style look when extended. Some benefits of pleated screens include:

  • A contemporary, soft decorative appearance.
  • Compact housing size when retracted.
  • Much smoother operation than spring-loaded retractable -style screens.
  • Effective sealing from top to bottom.
  • Can cover extra wide openings as a single unit.

Pleated fly screens are an attractive, functional choice for homes with a modern design aesthetic.  Their compact pleats fold neatly back on themselves taking only 32mm of depth inside your door frame making it easy to still have blinds or curtains in front of the screen.

Screen Solutions: Choosing the Right Insect Screen Doors

Selecting a pleated retractable screen is a smart choice as they are so easy to operate for all members of the family be it young or old.

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs to identify the best solutions.

Professional Installation for Seamless Integration

Installing Your Fly Screens For French Doors - Our Process Step-by-Step.

Intelliscreens offers’ professional installation services for French door screens that blend seamlessly into your home,

Our experienced installers have fitted thousands of high-quality pleated retractable screens on French doors across Australia. When you order your custom screens from us, we take care of the entire installation process for you.

1. Precision Measurement

Our professionals will visit your home to take exact measurements of your French doors. They’ll note the opening sizes, frame type, and any unique requirements.

2. Custom Manufacturing

Next, your screens will be custom-made based on these measurements. at our manufacturing facility where the aluminium will be sent to the powder-coaters to have the colour applied. Once this is done we will begin the process of constructing  each screen to fit your door opening perfectly.

3. Scheduling at Your Convenience

Once your screens are manufactured, we’ll schedule the installation at a time that suits. The installation generally takes around 30 minutes for a typical set of French door screens.

4. Flawless Installation

On installation day, our installers will arrive with all the necessary tools to complete the job. They will fit your screens professionally – and there will be no damage or mess left behind. The entire process is performed efficiently by experts who have years of experience installing our retractable fly screens.

5. Perfect Operation

After installing the screens, our technicians will test them to ensure they glide and retract smoothly. They’ll make any necessary adjustments to the stoppers and tension.

The end result? Fly screens that operate flawlessly on your French doors.

6. Warranty and Support

We stand behind our installers’ workmanship 100%. Your screens come with our standard 5 year warranty.

Also, our friendly team is always available by phone or email if you require any assistance or have questions.

As you can see, with Intelliscreens’ professional installation, you are guaranteed expert fitting and lasting performance from your screens.

Contact us today to schedule an onsite measure & quote.

Intelliscreens – The Ideal French Door Screen Solution

French doors create an elegant connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. However, enjoying open doors while keeping out insects poses challenges. That’s where high-quality retractable fly screens become essential.

Key Benefits of French Door Screens

  • Retractable screens for French doors provide:
  • Protection from flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • Fresh airflow without sacrificing views or aesthetics.
  • Daylight and ventilation between indoor and outdoor living areas.
  • The ability to leave doors open safely.
  • A seamless look when retracted into discreet housings.

Choose a Trusted Screen Provider

With the variety of screens available, it’s important to choose a reliable company. Since 2009 Intelliscreens has been a trusted Australian owned and operated business specialised in French, bi-fold & stacker door screens solutions.

Intelliscreens offers:

    • Custom-made screens designed for your exact specifications
    • Rigorous quality control and testing for durability.
    • A wide selection of colours.
    • DIY or professional installation services.
    • Ongoing support and a 5-year warranty.

Discover Your Perfect Screens With A Consultation & Quote

Contact Intelliscreens today to explore the screens that will suit your home and lifestyle needs.

Their team provides guidance to find the ideal solution for protection, airflow, aesthetics and convenience. Invest in retractable French door screens from a trusted Australian expert. Intelliscreens make it easy to enjoy your unparalelled access between your indoor and outdoor living areas without sacrificing comfort and security.


Intelliscreens has award winning retractable screens for all type of doors.

Whether you need fly screens for Bi fold doors, French Doors, sliding doors or stacker doors we can help you.

Our leading screen technology can easily and beautifully screen large or small openings.


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