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Sliding & Stackers

Retractable Fly Screens for Sliding or Stacker Doors

Retractable Screens for Sliding and Stacker Doors

Sliding and stacker doors are ideal for making your room merge seamlessly with the outside environment and your retractable screen should do the same.

Intelliscreens retractable screens for your sliding & stacker doors allows for unobstructed views, easily screening even large openings discreetly, in a single span.

Our elegant design is ideal for screening sliding or stacking doors, bi-fold or French doors.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, innovative product at a cost-effective price.

Our Australian designed and manufactured screens have endured quality and durability testing and come with a 5 year limited warranty.

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retractable screens for french doors


Why Choose Intelliscreens for Retractable Screens For Your Sliding & Stacking Doors?

Innovative Design

Intelliscreens are slim and tasteful, not obstructing your views or interfering with your home’s aesthetic or vistas to the outside.

The sleek design serves an aesthetic and practical purpose, being easily operated by any member of the family, including children and the elderly.

We have manufactured the largest retractable insect screens in the world and can screen an opening in a single span up to 5.5 metres.

Highest Quality

Our Australian made screens are composed of the highest quality components and made to withstand the harshest of elements. Our screens come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Our screens, like the SlimLine Panorama model keeps vertical and levelled, irrespective of whether you pull it at the top, middle or bottom.


Intelliscreens are the highest quality screening solutions but we also pride ourselves on affordability. Our pricing policy takes into consideration the quality of the components while remaining as competitive as possible.


Our screens are a versatile solution for your sliding or stacking doors, not only keeping insects out when in use, but providing natural ventilation for the home and solar blocker.

Excellent Customer Service

As leaders in the Retractable Screening Industry for more than 12 years, we are experts at providing the ideal screening solution to suit your needs. You can also choose the colour and we’ll design and install the perfect solution to match your existing sliding or stacking doors.

Our team strive to offer the best after-sales service in the business.

Our Innovative Screening Solutions

  1. Slimline Panorama: A slim, sleek screen that is ideal for those larger openings such as sliding and stacker doors. It doesn’t interfere with your door’s configuration and works independently of your original door. It can cover an entire large opening in a single span. The most user-friendly screen that maintains its alignment.
  2. Smart Track™: A smart system used in doorways where a flush finish is required. The system cleverly retracts up the handle and only leaves a guide on the floor, 4mm in size. This allows wheels to glide over effortlessly such as wheelchairs and prams, and minimises trip hazards.
  3. Duo Screens: Our latest screening design has a pleated insect screen on one side and mesh on the other (Block Out, Dim Out or HeatShield). This allows you to keep bugs out and block out the sun and maximise your privacy.

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    retractable screens for french doors