Retractable Fly Screens – Brisbane & SE QLD

Retractable Fly Screens – Brisbane & SE QLD


Spans up to 10 metres! Ideal for french doors, sliding or stacker doors.

Smart Track takes flush floor finishing to the ultimate level with a tiny 4mm of track.

Enjoy the double functionality of these screens- insect-free and block-out screens for privacy.

Best for large openings

Ideal Retractable Screens for Brisbane Residents

The Slimline Panorama Retractable Insect Screen is as innovative and functional as it is beautiful.

Perfect for large openings, slim (really slim) at only 32mm and technically superior in how it perfectly maintains its operation whether opened from the top, middle or bottom of the screen


  • This screen is totally independent of any existing door configuration, whether bi-folds, french doors, etc.
  • Easily screen large opening – over 5.5 meters in one span. No other screen gives you uninterrupted views like this.
  • One of the most user-friendly retractable fly screen solutions and can be operated by young and elderly easily and comfortably.
  • These screens are really slim (32 mm) and beautifully designed to match your interior decor and future. No bulky cassette or multiple panels, only one slim pleated screen stretching from one end to the other.
  • One of the most cost-effective solutions for screening large openings primarily because it involves only one stretch of quality pleated screen as opposed to conventional screening solutions involving two or more panels.
Retractable Fly Screens Brisbane
When You need a flush floor finish

Smart Track Retractable Screens

Intelliscreens Smart Track™ is primarily used in doorways that require a flush floor finish. Smart Track™ is so smart that the track retracts up the handle and only leaves a 4mm guide sitting on the floor delivering easy access for wheelchairs, walking frames and all uses to minimise trip hazards.

Smart Track is perfect for installing in front of your garage roller doors turning it into a retreat area for the kids whilst maintaining access for cars to drive over the guide. The Smart Track screen maximum width is governed by its’ height so if you have a larger opening then simply add another panel.

You can add multiple panels and they can be configured to open in the centre or you my require them to open only from one side to be used as one long multi-panel screen.

The Smart Track can be easily removed to wash with a hose if need be (see care sheet in your installation pack for details).

Multi-purpose screens

Intelliscreens Duo-Screen

Intelliscreens Duo-Screen is our latest model incorporating a pleated insect screen on one side and on the other side is our Block Out, Dim Out or HeatShield™ mesh for privacy during the evening.

Our Retractable screens are so slim you can have double the functionality. Be bug-free as well as maintain your privacy with Blockout or Dim out or improve year-round thermal control with Heatshield™.