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About us

Our Mission

Intelliscreens’ mission is to provide premium quality and user-friendly screening solutions at the best possible price coupled with outstanding after-sale service!

We Believe

At Intelliscreens, we believe that screening solutions should be as innovative, elegant, user friendly and competitively priced.

Innovative design

Innovation is crucial for screening solutions to be as elegant and user friendly as they can be. It starts by listening actively to our customers. We continue to invest all necessary resources to develop better,

Quality components

Each and every component we use in our screening products is carefully selected for quality, durability, lightness, and good looks.

Elegant design

Screening solutions need be both innovative and aesthetically refined. Matching colours,  slimline components, and user-friendly design should combine to provide an elegant screening solution, one with which customers feel comfortable with day in and day out.


Worlds tallest retractable screen

We strive to produce quality screening solutions that present great value to our customers. Our pricing policy consider the quality of the components we use throughout the process while remaining as competitive as we can.