Retractable Fly Screens For Bi-fold Doors

Retractable Fly Screens For Bi-fold Doors


Gorgeous bi-fold doors are hugely popular for opening up rooms to outdoor areas and bringing in natural light. However, when flung wide open, these stylish doors also allow pesky flying insects to freely enter your home. Not ideal at all, especially with risks like Ross River virus on the rise in Queensland.

As leaders in retractable fly screens for over 12 years, Intelliscreens has solutions to suit bi-folds of practically any size. Read on to learn about our Australian made screens that integrate elegantly with new and existing bi-fold doors.

Intelliscreens is the industry leader in Retractable Bi Fold Door Screens

Enjoy Indoor-Outdoor Living With Retractable Fly Screens for Bi-Fold Doors

Retractable insect screens give you the best of both worlds when used on bi-fold doors. When you want protection from flies or mosquitoes getting inside, simply pull out the mesh screen. And when you want to fully enjoy open, easy access, or your have your bi-folds closed, the screen retracts out of sight. The main advantages include:

  • Unobstructed Views – When retracted, the mesh and housing disappear completely allowing full open vistas. Even when drawn closed the pleated screens offer little impediment to your views.
  • Easy Access – Screens glide open smoothly only when protection is required, eliminating the need to constantly open/shut doors.
  • Insect Protection – Keeps out sandflies, mosquitoes, flies, and more so you can relax bite/pest-free outdoors.
  • Custom Fit – Made-to-measure for seamless integration within bi-fold door frames.
  • Span Wide Openings – Quality systems can cover even very wide openings – up to 5m with one screen, and up to 10m with two screens.
  • Stylish – Discreet mounting, colour, and housing options allow attractive integration suited to doors and decor. Streamlined profiles integrate beautifully without being obtrusive.

Transform Your Bi-fold Doors With Retractable Insect Screens From Intelliscreens – Australian Made Screen Solutions for You!

Transform Your Bi-fold Doors With Retractable Insect Screens From Intelliscreens – Australian Made Screen Solutions for You!

Intelliscreens Match Perfectly with your Decor


Slim and elegant design to fit into any home. They can be easily operated by any member of the family with simply a light push, even children and the elderly.

Our retractable screens are unobtrusive when in use or not. This allows you to preserve the vistas and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Australian designed and manufactured, our screens are composed of the highest quality components. The robust quality of our screens is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Intelliscreens - Quality you can Trust
Intelliscreens - Affordable Fly Screens for all Doors and Openings


We provide a cost-effective solution to your screening needs, never compromising on quality.


We are able to span even large openings up to 5 metres in one span, (10m with two spans) offering uninterrupted views.

Intelliscreens - Innovative Designs With Many Features
Intelliscreens are Versatile Retractable Fly Screens


Whether you need to block out the sun or protect your family from insects, retractable screens for your bi-fold doors are the solution. They also provide natural ventilation for your home. 

Custom made screens are available to fit openings of practically any shape and size.

Excellent Customer Service

Our experienced teams around Australia provide the appropriate screens to suit your needs and preferences.

We design, construct, and install custom made solutions to match your existing doors.

Our company also prides itself on excellent after-sales service.

Intelliscreens pride themselves on excellent customer service

Selecting the Right Retractable Fly Screens for Bifold Doors

While the benefits are clear, all retractable fly screen systems are not made equal. There are a few considerations when selecting the best type, size, and features for your specific bi-fold doors:

Type of Retractable Fly Screen:

  • We highly recommend Pleated insect screens which accordion in and out of the side channels with a simple push or pull. No unsightly housing barrel needed.

Size Capability:

Consider the dimensions of your bi-fold opening to ensure the systems you look at can cover the required span and height. Quality systems can screen openings for stacker doors, bi-fold doors, and other large spans up to 5 metres with one screen of up to 10m with two.

Installation Fit:

  • Face fit mounts the external housing directly onto the door frame face with the mesh screening the glass panels.
  • Reveal fit discreetly mounts housings within the door reveal, with the mesh on the room side of the glass panes.

Mesh Type and Visibility:

We offer a variety of screen options including sheerweave and mid-grey mesh to suit your visibility needs. Go for darker sheerweave mesh if completely clear views are essential when retracted. Or lighter mid-grey mesh balances insect protection and visibility. 

Colour Options:

Match the housing and component colours to your existing door finish for integrated aesthetics. Many quality systems offer a range of standard or custom powder coat colours. We can provide qualified advice and quotes for the exact type of retractable system that suits your unique bi-fold doors.

Ready to Install Retractable Screens on Your Bi-folds?

Don’t settle for fixed screens that obstruct your outlook and access. Intelliscreens creates retractable screening solutions for homes and businesses Australia-wide. 

Speak to our knowledgeable team about the best screen options for your bi-fold doors today. Feel free to contact us at (07) 5593 8882 or [email protected]. You can also visit our website to view our full range of products.

Get the perfect balance of insect protection, breezy ventilation, and clear sight-lines with our retractable fly screens!