Retractable Fly Screens For Bi-fold Doors

Retractable Fly Screens For Bi-fold Doors

Intelliscreens is the industry leader in Retractable Bi Fold Door Screens

Intelliscreens is the industry leader in retro fit retractable fly screens for bi fold doors.

Choose from face fit or reveal fit in the industries largest selection of colours.

Our innovative retractable screens are ideal for Bi-fold doors, having been designed to screen larger openings effortlessly.

Intelliscreens offer a discreet and elegant design that is perfect for screening Bi-fold Doors, French Doors, Sliding or Stacking Doors and even large pillar-less corners in a single span (up to 5.5 metres).

Using the highest quality components, our screens are Australian manufactured and endure rigorous testing to ensure durability.

We also pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective solution to your screening needs without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Intelliscreens Retractable Insect and Fly Screens for Bi-fold Doors

Intelliscreens Match Perfectly with your Decor


Slim and elegant design to fit into any home. They can be easily operated by any member of the family with simply a light push, even children and the elderly.

Our retractable screens are unobtrusive when in use or not. This allows you to preserve the vistas and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Australian designed and manufactured, our screens are composed of the highest quality components. The robust quality of our screens is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.
Intelliscreens - Quality you can Trust
Intelliscreens - Affordable Fly Screens for all Doors and Openings


We provide a cost-effect solution to your screening needs, never compromising on quality.


We are able to span even large openings up to 5.5metres in one span, offering uninterrupted views.
Intelliscreens - Innovative Designs With Many Features
Intelliscreens are Versatile Retractable Fly Screens


Whether you need to block out the sun or protect your family from insects, retractable screens for your Bi-fold doors is the solution, also providing natural ventilation for the home.

Excellent Customer Service

Our experienced teams around Australia provide the appropriate screening solution to suit your needs and preference.

We design, construct and install the right solution for you to match your existing doors.

Our team also prides itself on excellent after-sales service.

Intelliscreens pride themselves on excellent customer service

Intelliscreens has award winning retractable screens for all type of doors. Whether you need fly screens for Bi fold doors, French Doors, sliding doors or stacker doors we can help you. Our leading screen technology can easily and beautifully screen large or small openings.