If you’re looking for retractable fly screens for bifold doors, that’s a wise choice, because bi-folds – as great as they are – certainly do let the flies and mozzies in when they’re open, yet you don’t want to clutter up that beautiful clear space with ugly sliding doors or another arrangement that will completely destroy your indoor/outdoor aesthetic!

See if you can spot the retractable fly screen in the pic below – it is there, but unless you know where to look, you can’t see it right?

Intelliscreens retractable fly screens for bifold doors

Case Study 1 showing Intelliscreens Retractable Fly Screen for Bi-Fold Doors


Here’s a closer view of a different bifold door retractable screen:

pleated retractable fly screens for bifold doors

Close-up view of Intelliscreens Retractable Fly Screen for Bi-Fold Doors

These retractable screens are stylish and make a positive contribution to your decor, coming in a range of colours, and being custom made to suit exact requirements.

They are easy to operate (even for children if required), and can span up to a massive 10 metres!

The installations are professional and discrete.

Our national team has the experience and dedication to make every job function flawlessly and look amazing.
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Intelliscreens are Australia’s leading manufacturer of retrofit retractable fly screens and retractable screens for large span openings, and pride ourselves on the highest quality, local manufacturing processes, backed by a 5 year warranty!

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