Retractable Screen Doors

Elegant & Functional Retractable Fly Screen Solutions for Every Door Type

Whether you have French Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Sliding Doors, or Pillar-Less Corner Doors, we have a retractable fly screen that will fit your home perfectly.

Intelliscreens has been providing Australian homes with top-notch retractable screen doors for over 20 years. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us a favourite among those looking for the best retractable fly screens on the market.

With a wide range of options to suit every door type, Intelliscreens has the ideal solution for your home. Our screens are custom-made to match your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth operation every time.

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Retractable Stacker Screen Doors by Intelliscreens

Enjoy unobstructed views through your doors with our screens that span up to 10 metres (2 screens)! Say goodbye to pesky insects and mosquitoes while maintaining a clear view of the outdoors.

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Our Smart Track takes flush floor finishing to new heights with an incredibly tiny 4mm floor track. It’s so slim, it virtually disappears into your flooring.

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The sleek design of our retractable screens enables you to have double the functionality. Opt for Blockout or Dim-out to keep insects at bay and maintain privacy, or improve thermal control in your home all year round with Heatshield™.

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Elegant Retractable Screen Doors by Intelliscreens

What Are Retractable Fly Screens and How Do They Work?

Retractable fly screens are innovative screening solutions that provide insect protection when needed and retract out of sight when not in use. Unlike traditional fixed screens, retractable screens use a pleated mesh that smoothly glides across the opening, allowing for uninterrupted views and easy access.

The screens are typically housed in a slim cassette mounted on one side of the door or window frame. When extended, the mesh is held taut by a small handle or wand on the opposite side. Intelliscreens’ retractable fly screens feature high-quality components like strong aluminium frames and durable fibreglass mesh for lasting performance.

The pleated design of the mesh allows it to neatly fold away when retracted, minimising the visual impact on your home’s exterior. When you want to enjoy the fresh air without the bugs, simply pull the screen across the opening and enjoy a comfortable, insect-free environment.

The Advantages of Retractable Screens Over Traditional Screens for Doors

Traditional fly screens have been a staple in Australian homes for decades, but they come with drawbacks. They are a permanent fixture on your doors and windows, which can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home. Furthermore, traditional screens can obstruct your view and limit the amount of natural light entering your home – essentially they don’t work at all for French, bifold, sliding, or stacker doors!

Retractable fly screens, on the other hand, offer a range of benefits that make them a superior choice:

  • Unobstructed views – When not in use, retractable screens disappear into their housing, allowing you to enjoy clear views of your outdoor space.
  • Insect protection – Keep flies, mosquitoes, and other insects out of your living space while allowing fresh air to circulate.
  • Easy operation – Retractable screens are designed for smooth, one-handed operation, making them accessible for all family members.
  • Customisable – Our premium retractable screens can be custom made to fit any door or window size.
  • Durable and long-lasting – Made from high-quality materials and engineered to last, Intelliscreens are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.
Retractable Fly Screens for Every Door Type by Intelliscreens

We Offer the Best Retractable Fly Screens for All Types of Doors

Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors

French doors are a timeless architectural feature that adds elegance and charm to any home. However, their design can make it challenging to install traditional insect screens without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

Intelliscreens’ Slimline Panorama screen is specifically designed to complement the beauty of French doors while providing effective insect protection. With the ability to span up to 5 metres with a single screen, it allows for uninterrupted views when the screen is retracted.

The pleated mesh of our Slimline Panorama screen glides smoothly along the tracks, staying perfectly aligned and taut. When not in use, the screen discreetly retracts into a compact cassette, maintaining the clean lines and visual appeal of your French doors.

Retractable Screen Doors for French Doors by Intelliscreens
Retractable Screen Doors for Bi-Fold Doors by Intelliscreens

Retractable Screen Doors for Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a top choice for those looking to create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. But their wide openings can be a magnet for insects.

Intelliscreens’ retractable fly screens are the perfect match for bi-fold doors. Our screens can cover large openings with a single span of up to 5 metres, eliminating the need for multiple screens or bulky frames.

Our retractable screens are easy to operate, even with multiple door panels. Simply extend the screen when needed and retract it when you want to open up the space completely.

Retractable Screen Doors for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a common feature in many Australian homes, providing easy access to patios, decks, and outdoor entertaining areas. Traditional sliding screen doors, however, can be cumbersome and prone to getting stuck or derailed.

Intelliscreens’ Smart Track screen boasts a flush, trip-free floor finish, thanks to its low-profile design. The guide tracks sit seamlessly within the sliding door frame, creating a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. This not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also reduces the risk of tripping or snagging.

Our Smart Track screens can be configured as single or multi-panel systems, accommodating even the widest sliding door openings. They glide smoothly along the tracks, providing easy access in and out while keeping insects at bay.

Retractable Screen Doors for Sliding Doors by Intelliscreens
Retractable Screen Doors for Stacker Doors by Intelliscreens

Retractable Screen Doors for Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to maximise their living space. However, traditional screens often require bulky cassettes or multiple panels that obstruct views and hinder functionality.

Intelliscreens’ Slimline Panorama retractable screens offer the perfect solution for stacker door configurations. These screens can span wide openings without the need for cumbersome hardware or multiple panels. The result is a clean, uncluttered look that complements the sleek design of stacker doors.

When not in use, our Slimline Panorama screen retracts into a slim 32mm profile, virtually disappearing from view. This allows you to enjoy unobstructed views and easy operation of your stacker doors.

Retractable Screen Doors for Pillar-Less Corner Doors

Pillar-less corner doors are stunning structural components that create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. But traditional screens often require a supporting pillar or multiple panels that detract from the open, airy feel.

Intelliscreens specialises in creating custom retractable screen solutions for pillar-less corner doors. By carefully considering the specific dimensions and configuration of your pillar-less doors, we can engineer a quality retractable screen system that fits perfectly and functions flawlessly.

The product is a barely-there screen that provides insect protection when needed, without compromising the open and spacious atmosphere of your home.

Retractable Screen Doors for Pillar-Less Corner Doors by Intelliscreens
Retractable Screen Doors for Large Openings by Intelliscreens

Retractable Screen Doors for Large Openings

Some homes feature expansive openings that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. These grand design statements require equally impressive screening solutions to maintain their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Intelliscreens has risen to the challenge by engineering retractable screens for the largest openings in the industry. With the ability to span up to 130 metres wide using a double screen configuration, our retractable screens are capable of covering even the most expansive openings.

But our engineering prowess doesn’t stop there! We have also developed screens that can extend up to 4.6 metres high, accommodating tall openings with ease.

Despite their impressive size, our retractable screens perform flawlessly, gliding smoothly along the tracks and staying perfectly aligned. Precise engineering ensures that our screens maintain optimal functionality and durability, even at these extreme dimensions.

Transform Your Home With Retractable Fly Screen Doors From Intelliscreens

Retractable screen doors are the ultimate solution for homeowners looking to enhance their indoor-outdoor living experience. With their sleek design, easy operation, and versatility, retractable screens have become a must-have for Australian homes.

At Intelliscreens, we offer a range of innovative screening solutions to suit every home and lifestyle. Our commitment to quality, expertise, and your happiness makes us the top choice for your retractable screen needs.

To schedule a consultation with our friendly team, simply fill out our quote form here or call us on (07) 5593 8882. You can also email us at [email protected]. We’ll assess your needs, take measurements, and provide expert recommendations for the best retractable screen solution for your home.

Read the transcript from the above video about our retractable fly screens below:

Hello my name’s Kevin,

I’m proud to present the slimline panorama screen from Intelliscreens.

There’s several points to consider when it comes to screening large open spaces.

The first point to consider is whether or not the screening solution interferes with the effects of your existing door configurations. The second point is whether or not it’s possible to screen a large opening in a single span, and the third point is whether or not the screening solution is easy to operate by all members of the family be it young or old.

The fourth point is whether the screening solution is stylish enough to match your interior and furniture and lastly the most important point is how cost-effective is the solution.

So let’s go over a few points of detail.

I’m happy to say that the slimline panorama screen is totally independent of the existing door configuration whether BiFolds or French doors etc. They can be easily configured to sit in front of your screens, and with the slimline panorama screen, you can easily span openings over five meters in one span. There’s no other screen that does that. The one big advantage of a single-span screening is that you get uninterrupted views as a bonus!

The slimline panorama is one of the most user-friendly screening solutions – it can be operated by the young and the elderly comfortably. The panorama keeps perfectly vertical and levelled irrespective of whether it’s pulled from the top or the middle or the bottom of the screen.

The screen is really slim at 32 millimetres and beautifully designed to match the interior and decor and your furniture – there’s no bulky cassettes or multiple panels only one slimline pleated screen stretching from one end to the other.

Lastly, the slimline panorama screen is a cost-effective solution for screening large openings primarily because it involves only one stretch of quality pleated mesh as opposed to conventional screening solutions involving two or more panels.

For more information on the slimline panorama retractable fly screen contact us here.